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Several important points to note when buying auto parts

Forowners,thereisnothingmoreimportantthanthehealthofthecar,sowhatwax,sealingglairisnothesitateheavygold,butoftenneglectedthevehicleswiththemostbasicmaintenance,manyownersprefertoautopartscityplacessuchascarrepairandmaintenancevehicles,butdon'tknowifnotcarefuluseoffakeparts,leadtothecarwasbadlydamaged,thefollowingwillintroducetoyoutheauthenticityofseveralcommonpartsofthedifferenceonqualityandperformance.AirfilterTrueorfalsepartsdonotdiffermuchinappearance,butinperformance.  (1)intermsoffiltrationperformance,thefiltrationperformanceofpurebrandpartsisabout10timeshigherthanthatoffakeparts.  (2)intermsofsize,purebrandpartsaremoreinlinewithvehiclespecificationsthancounterfeitparts.  (3)fromtheperspectiveofservicelife,theservicelifeofpurebrandpartsis2timeshigherthanthatofcounterfeitparts!  Hazards:long-termuseofcounterfeitairfilterscancausealotofdustintotheengine,causingseriousdamagetotheengine.  Brakepads(1)performancecomparison:afterexperiments,thebrakingdistanceofacarwithfakebrakepadsis30%longerthanthatwithpurebrandbrakepads. (2)comparisonofheatresistance:fakebrakepadscanaffectthebrakingeffectwhenthefrictionplateandmetalplatefalloffinthecaseoflong-termhightemperatureduetopoorheatresistance. Hazard:brakepadsarethemostimportantpartstoensurethesafetyofhumandriving.Iffakebrakepadsareused,itislikelytocausebrakefailureindrivingandcannotcontrolthespeed,whichwillbringseriousconsequences. Thesparkplug(1)thermalconductivity:accordingtothecentralelectrodeofsparkplug,thecentralelectrodeofpurebrandsparkplugismadeofcoppermaterial,whichcanachievethebestthermalconductivity.Thethermalconductivityofthefakesparkplugisfarworsethanthatofpurebrandparts. (2)heatresistance:theheatresistanceofthepurebrandsparkplugis2timeshigherthanthatofthefakesparkplug.  Hazards:long-termuseoffakelow-qualitysparkplugsmayleadtoelectrodemeltingandenginedamage. Asaconsumerfromtheappearancecannotidentifycounterfeitpartsandpurebrandpartsexistobviousdifferences,sointhepurchaseofparts,mustgotothedesignateddealertobuypurebrandparts,sothatyoucansafelyuse,safelydriving!
For owners, there is nothing more important than the health of the car, so what wax, sealing glair is not hesitate heavy gold, but often neglected the vehicles with the most basic maintenance, many owners prefer to auto parts city places such as car repair and maintenance vehicles, but don't know if not careful use of fake parts, lead to the car was badly damaged, the following will introduce to you the authenticity of several common parts of the difference on quality and performance.

Air filter

True or false parts do not differ much in appearance, but in performance.
(1) in terms of filtration performance, the filtration performance of pure brand parts is about 10 times higher than that of fake parts.
(2) in terms of size, pure brand parts are more in line with vehicle specifications than counterfeit parts.
(3) from the perspective of service life, the service life of pure brand parts is 2 times higher than that of counterfeit parts!
Hazards: long-term use of counterfeit air filters can cause a lot of dust into the engine, causing serious damage to the engine.

Brake pads

(1) performance comparison: after experiments, the braking distance of a car with fake brake pads is 30% longer than that with pure brand brake pads.
(2) comparison of heat resistance: fake brake pads can affect the braking effect when the friction plate and metal plate fall off in the case of long-term high temperature due to poor heat resistance.
Hazard: brake pads are the most important parts to ensure the safety of human driving. If fake brake pads are used, it is likely to cause brake failure in driving and cannot control the speed, which will bring serious consequences.


The spark plug

(1) thermal conductivity: according to the central electrode of spark plug, the central electrode of pure brand spark plug is made of copper material, which can achieve the best thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of the fake spark plug is far worse than that of pure brand parts.
(2) heat resistance: the heat resistance of the pure brand spark plug is 2 times higher than that of the fake spark plug.
Hazards: long-term use of fake low-quality spark plugs may lead to electrode melting and engine damage.
As a consumer from the appearance can not identify counterfeit parts and pure brand parts exist obvious differences, so in the purchase of parts, must go to the designated dealer to buy pure brand parts, so that you can safely use, safely driving!