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Practical options for auto parts

The packaging of authentic products is of good quality, with clear writing on the box and bright color overprint.

1. Check whether the trademark signs are complete

The packaging of authentic products is of good quality, with clear writing on the box and bright color overprint....
On the box, bag, should mark product name, specification model, quantity, register trademark, factory name factory address and telephone number to wait, some manufacturer still put his mark on fittings. Some important parts, such as generator, distributor, fuel injection pump, are also equipped with operating instructions, certificates and inspectors' seals to guide users in proper operation and maintenance. Be careful when choosing, in case bought fake and inferior product.

2. See if the glued parts are loose

Parts made up of two or more parts, which are pressed, glued or welded to each other. The clutch driven wheel is riveted to the steel sheet and the friction sheet is riveted or glued. The filter core frame of paper filter is glued together with the filter paper. The wire ends of electrical equipment are welded. If you find it loose, you should replace it.

3. See if the moving parts are flexible

When the rotating parts assembly of pump and other parts of the optional engine is installed, the pump shaft shall be moved by hand, and the pump shaft shall be flexible and free of stuck. When rolling bearings are selected, one hand supports the inner ring of the bearing and the other hand rotates the outer ring. If the rotating parts do not turn well, the internal rust or deformation, do not buy.

4. See that the assembly parts are intact

Normal assembly components must be complete to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation. Some assembly parts on individual small parts, if leakage, will make assembly parts can not work or even scrap.

5. See whether the geometric dimensions are deformed

Some parts are easily deformed due to improper manufacturing, transportation and storage. During inspection, the shaft parts can be rolled around the glass plate to see whether there is light leakage at the joint of the parts and the glass plate to judge whether they are bent. Optional clutch driven plate steel plate or friction plate, can be held in front of the plate, friction plate to observe whether it warping; When choosing oil seal, the end face of oil seal with frame should be in a normal circular shape, which can fit with flat glass without deflection. The outer edge of the non-skeleton oil seal should be correct, and it should be deformed by hand. Check geometric dimensions and shapes when choosing various types of liners.

6. See if the joint is smooth

In the process of transportation and storage, due to vibration and collision, burrs, indentation, damage or cracks are often produced at the joint site, affecting the use of parts. Pay attention to check when choosing.

7. See if there is rust on the surface of the part

Qualified parts of the surface, both a certain precision and burnished finish, the more important parts, the higher the accuracy, the more stringent packaging corrosion. Pay attention to check when choosing, if the parts have rust spots, mildew spots or rubber parts crack, lose elasticity, or the surface of the shaft neck has obvious cutting tool lines, should be replaced.

8. Check whether the protective layer is intact.

Most parts are covered with a protective layer at the factory. Such as piston pin, bearing shell with paraffin protection; The piston ring and cylinder sleeve surface is coated with anti-rust oil and wrapped with wrapping paper; The valve, piston and other anti-rust oil impregnated with plastic bag after packaging. If you find that the seal cover is damaged, the wrapping paper is lost, the rust - proof oil or paraffin is lost, you should replace it.